The Caregivers is a unique series focused on the challenges and triumphs of caregiving. These stories have been created through a strategic partnership between AARP and Word In Black.

The life of a devoted grandparent can be deeply fulfilling. We may remember our grandparents as loving family advocates or fear-invoking disciplinarians. Some of our most inspirational public figures — from Maya Angelou to Simone Biles — attribute their success to the support of grandparents.

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Being a grandparent is often a thankless job, though. Here are some simple ways that we can give thanks to our grandparents beyond the Thanksgiving holiday: 

Say “Thank You.”

Words of gratitude can go a long way. Take a moment to simply say “thank you” to your grandparent(s) or give a handwritten note. You can express gratitude in this way whether they are living or deceased. 

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