The Honey Pot company founder Beatrice Dixon

This post was originally published on Atlanta Voice

By Bria Suggs

The Honey Pot company founder Beatrice Dixon is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in varying industries like pharmacy and cleaning services. Her reason for starting a plant-based, cruelty-free feminine health-care brand that has been clinically tested and gynecologist is equal parts personal and professional.

“The mother of invention is necessity,” Dixon said.

After a year-long battle with bacterial vaginosis, Dixon had tried looking for answers in forums and chat rooms, and relief in home remedies. What she realized is no one had a reliable and consistent solution. Dixon’s permanent fix came to her in a dream one night in late 2011.

“In the dream, my grandmother handed me a piece of paper that had a list of ingredients on it,”  Dixon said. “And, she basically told me that this is what would solve my problem. In the dream, she made me kind of repeat those ingredients over and over again.” Dixon woke from her dream still repeating the list of natural ingredients from her grandmother. With the list, she made her first cleanser, which completely treated her bacterial vaginosis in a few days.  

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