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By Aswad Walker

Disclaimer: One Black Man’s Opinion

Ed Young, go sit down.

Without getting into the “details” of the recent sermon delivered by Second Baptist’s pastor, in a few words, he nearly covered all the racist bases, hitting an inside-the-park home run of white nationalism. Here’s the pitch.

First Base: Preaching Alternative Facts as Gospel Truths

Young never preached about the federal crime of insurrection. Neither did he call for “throwing those bums” (GOP elected officials) who instigated, organized and supported the Jan. 6 coup out of office. And there are mountains of evidence to show who was guilty of attempting to overthrow American democracy. Hell, the guilty are still calling for the same crimes daily.

No. Young was silent about Jan. 6, but chose to loudly and erroneously declare Houston “the most dangerous city in America to live in” because of the “bail scam” run by the city’s liberal/progressive leaders. Even though US crime stats show Houston doesn’t even crack the Top 10 most dangerous cities according to a MoneyGeek survey or the Top 20 as reported by Money.Inc.

Fun fact: according to data compiled by MoneyGeek, of the 12 safest large US cities, over half of them are in cities the GOP considers “liberal/progressive” hotbeds, including New York City, Austin, Texas and four cities in, God forbid, California.

Houston and Harris County officials do have to answer for some decisions that have allowed violent offenders to be released. But what’s being ignored by Young and others is the University of Pennsylvania’s Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice report that shows that the Lina Hidalgo-led bail reform has decreased recidivism (re-offending) for both misdemeanor and felony offenses; facilitated drops in crime for several subgroups, including 26-40-yr-olds with prior criminal records; and reduced pre-trial detention rates and plea deals—two things that absolutely screw over people of color and the poor. But apparently Young doesn’t concern himself with the poor. He leaves that to Jesus.

Second Base: The Blame Game

Saying crime is a problem and blaming it on the “Dems,” the “liberals” and the “progressives” (i.e. the Blacks) is basically the Haiti technique. Whenever the country of Haiti finds itself in need of aid, politicians, certain media types and conservatives of all bents cascade the island nation with dismissives that categorize the people as lazy, irresponsible, corrupt and at fault for their own horrendous economic condition, basically declaring the Haitian people as “less than.”

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