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By Aswad Walker

What do Tyre Nichols, Patrick Lyoya, Daunte Wright, Sandra Bland, Philando Castile, Walter Scott, Samuel DuBose and countless others have in common? A police traffic stop ended in their death. Of the names listed, only Castile, a licensed gun owner, had a weapon; a fact that he informed the officer of when asked, yet less than 1.7 seconds later he was shot and killed.

The largest-ever study of alleged racial profiling during traffic stops has found that Blacks, who are pulled over more frequently than whites by day, are much less likely to be stopped after sunset, when ‘a veil of darkness’ masks their race.


Black people need not bungee jump or skydive to experience the “exhilaration” of danger. Driving While Black has become for African Americans, an extreme sport.

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