AFROTHREADS is a sister-owned design studio that celebrates the beauty, versatility and cultural significance of African fabrics co-founded by sisters Erika and Evonne.

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By Tonaé Lee

Happy Black History Month, Style Fanatic readers! Although Black creatives and figures should be celebrated everyday, you know our goal is to continuously spotlight and honor Black-owned brands creating a difference in the fashion world. This month, we were able to sit and chat with AFROTHREADS, a sister-owned design studio that celebrates the beauty, versatility, and cultural significance of African fabrics.

Sisters Erika and Evonne sustainably source and sell one-of-a-kind textiles from different parts of Africa, while also designing a variety of products such as tulip hats, coasters and much more. Raised in a Ghanaian household in the United States, the sisters fell in love with kente cloth and other fabrics at a young age. Over time, learning more about the history of fabrics, the duo realized how important it is to preserve traditional techniques.

They are also no strangers to the AFRO, having been featured in its podcast “Pleasure Doing Business With You” led by AFRO Business Writer Megan Sayles. Erika and Evonne have one goal for AFROTHREADS: to connect people with beautiful and meaningful items no matter where they are in the world.

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