Joe Young's Kemet
 Joe Young’s Kemet

Single-parent families make up roughly three-fifths of Black households in the United States, and children from those homes often lack positive images around them. With many of these parents having to hold two jobs to make ends meet, their kids regularly learn to take care of themselves with limited resources, so finding creative ways to both entertain and educate is a must.

Seeing such a need in these homes that have been further stressed by the relentless COVID-19 pandemic, cartoonist Joe Young created his Kemet comic book series to not only educate but entertain Black children while they are at home.

According to Counseling Today, comic books offer more than an escape for children. The characters in the books are personified — they are who the kids strive to be. It further states that superhero characters are just like their readers: complex, emotional and facing many of the same challenges and obstacles.

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