What would it look like for 100% of high school seniors to be engaged — truly engaged — in a program where being prepared for college and life is the goal?

Dr. Garland Thomas-McDavid, CEO of Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools, hopes to find out.

In 2022 she launched Operation: Finishline, a six-week college preparatory program designed to support high school seniors students at the school — known as LAB — through the process of choosing a college that’ll give them the greatest chance of success. 

Through small group mentorship, college research, intensive SAT prep, and more, the program focuses on shifting students’ attitudes toward college and increasing their chance of obtaining an undergraduate degree. 

“Everybody wants the best for their kids, and everybody wants their kid to succeed — they may not know how to get there,” Thomas-McDavid tells Word In Black. “It’s up to us to light that path. It’s up to us to create that meaningful experience.” 

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Aziah Siid

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