It’s nicknamed the “Golden State” — and indeed, as the center of agriculture production, the tech industry, and the entertainment industry, it’s no wonder California’s on the cusp of becoming the fourth-largest economy in the world. That America’s prosperity is irrevocably tied to California’s prosperity is so well known that politicians, policymakers, and pundits coast to coast are familiar with a saying: “As California goes, so goes the nation.” 

But if you think Black students across California are getting the education they need to be a part of such a global economic powerhouse, think again. 

Black students are the lowest-performing student subgroup throughout nearly every county in California. This has been a well-known and reported problem for decades, and countless proposed solutions have been sought to fix it. 

One of the latest comes in the form of the Equity Multiplier in the 2023-24 proposed state budget — and if the idea spreads nationwide, Black children in states other than California could continue to be deprived of the education they deserve.

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