Brittney Griner's new book "Coming Home." Credit: Credit: Brittneyyevettegriner via Instagram

Griner talks focusing on mental health, advocacy, and life after detainment in her new book.

Brittney Griner’s new book “Coming Home.” Credit: Credit: Brittneyyevettegriner via Instagram

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By ReShonda Tate

Brittney Griner, the perennial WNBA All-Star, is steadily readjusting to everyday life after her release from a Russian prison 17 months ago. However, life for the 6-foot-8 center has undergone significant changes, including the loss of her familiar dreadlocks due to maintenance challenges during her incarceration. Griner now regularly attends therapy sessions to help her cope with the 10-month imprisonment ordeal and is chronicling her journey in a new book, “Coming Home.”

Griner was detained at a Moscow airport in February 2022. Russian authorities said a search of her luggage revealed vape cartridges containing oil derived from cannabis. Griner, who maintains that she wasn’t trying to sneak drugs into the country as some critics have said, admits that the hate and criticism she received was mindblowing.

“Have you ever forgot your keys in your car?” Griner said in an interview with ABC. “Left your car running? Have you ever, you know, said ‘Where’s my glasses?’ They’re on top of your head. ‘Where’s my phone? Oh, it’s in my pocket.’ It’s just so easy to have a mental lapse. Granted my mental lapse was on a more grand scale, but it doesn’t take away from how that can happen.”

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