Leonard Harvey is the founder of the Black Seeds calendar being sold at Blue Nile Herbs, Books, and Spices.

This post was originally published on The Washington Informer

By Sam P.K. Collins

For 45 years, the Black Seeds Historical & Educational Calendar has been a staple in Black homes and businesses across the U.S. and in parts of the world, especially among those committed to affirming their African identity and achieving Pan-African self-determination.  

As a reservoir of information about Africa and the African diaspora, the calendar has exposed Black people of various ages to the vastness and complexity of the African experience. 

Within the span of 36 pages, one takes a trip throughout history starting centuries before the Middle Passage and leading to the present day. 

The common thread throughout the calendar centers on African sovereignty and various methods through which African ancestors, known and unknown, have been able to achieve it, chattel slavery and colonization notwithstanding. 

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