November 8, 2021

Black-Owned Ice Cream Brand Makes History

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Liz Rogers sees ice cream as the "world's greatest dessert" and wanted to put her own spin on the classic treat

Liz Rogers is a chef, restaurateur and the CEO and founder of Creamalicious. Creamalicious is a premium ice cream brand that pairs baked dessert with ice cream.

Liz Rogers

She’s been cooking professionally for the last 25 years. In the restaurant she currently owns is where the idea for Creamalicious began. Her restaurant, Wing Champ, is in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They sell wings and a variety of desserts there.

“I started making this ice cream at one of my restaurants and selling it and the customers really loved it,” Rogers said. “For me, owning restaurants gave me an opportunity to have a customer base where I can get feedback, where I can come in and just really have a test ground that most people don’t have, you know, having customers every day all year round.” 

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