I can’t say that enough, and I say it often.

The term Black excellence refers to a high level of achievement, success, or ability demonstrated by an individual Black person or by Black people in general, but this discussion is about Black men specifically.

The narratives are deliberately negative and intended to paint Black men in less than complementary colors, while in truth, Black men positively impact their families and communities without hesitation. Living in that paradigm requires that anything less than excellence or perfection may be viewed as a failure, which is blatantly untrue, and Black men rise to the level of “hero” every day and in every possible way.

We are obligated to deliver the truth to our readers as seen through the eyes of the Black community.

Still, in 2022, we saw African American men frequently maligned by mainstream media outlets and in many other sectors that influence and shape the image of men.  

These outlets and sectors far too often come to conclusions about Black men that are not accurate, often painting negative images and writing false narratives of Black people in general, and Black men specifically.  

Such flawed findings often conclude that Black men are associated with crime, unemployment, and live in poverty. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that most Black men will not be incarcerated, are not unemployed, and are not poor. 

The Word in Black Collaborative emphasizes Black excellence in all parts of the nation and all areas of society, while spotlighting disparities in society that contribute to the misnomer that Black men are anything, but excellent.

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