This post was originally published on Atlanta Voice

By Clayton Gutzmore

A trait that many Black people have in common is resilience. Part of the reason why is that most people of color are combating racism in its many forms on a daily basis.  Whether it’s dealing with systemic racism or the microaggressions that occur in the workplace. Some Black people are reaching their limits. This leads to exhaustion or what can also be known as “Black Fatigue.”

Black Fatigue levels have been reported on by the American Heart Association. Experts weigh in on how this subject is taking a toll on the Black community and why we should not underestimate it.   

“You should take Black Fatigue seriously, because it’s killing people. It’s killing their mind, body, and spirit. We are misdiagnosed, in terms of some of the mental stresses, and oftentimes told that our pain is not as great,” said Mary Frances Winters, CEO and founder of the Winters Group Incorporated.

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