The Black-owned production company Smash Entertainment oversees both “The Sure Shot” and “HBCU Sports Nation”

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By Megan Sayles

Youtube just got two new sports shows: The Sure Shot and HBCU Sports Nation. Both series are a product of Smash Entertainment, a Black-owned production company, and The Sure Shot is the first Black sports-gambling show. 

“There are no Black sports gaming programs anywhere,” said Chad Morton, president of Smash Entertainment. “We’re the first, [and] we’re making history.” 

Morton serves as the executive producer of The Sure Shot and HBCU Sports Nation, which are filmed at a Black-owned studio in Capitol Heights, Maryland. When Smash Entertainment was just starting out, he was in search of capital but couldn’t acquire any funding. 

One individual told the creator that if he really wanted to produce his own shows, he would have paid for it himself. That recommendation completely transformed Morton’s perspective. He decided that he would take it upon himself to fund future projects.

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