This post was originally published on Michigan Chronicle.

By Roz Edward

The worsening baby formula shortage is forcing millions of parents across the nation to drastic measures to meet the nutritional needs of infant children. Their exhaustive searches for baby formula have caused a number of actions from traveling long distances to find formula to watering down formula in an attempt to stretch it.

Some parents have admitted trying to make their own DIY formulas, while others confess that they continue to use the recalled powdered formula to feed infants. “I’d rather feed her and take the chance that she’ll get sick, or not feed her and assure that she will get sick,” said one California mom.

Reasons for the shortage can be narrowed to two primary causes: the national supply chain shortage that decreased product accessibility and increased food costs for millions of U.S. households, coupled with a federal recall of contaminated formula.

Since November knotted supply chains have made it difficult for parents to locate baby formula and in February the U.S. Food and Drug Administration shut-down Michigan-based Abbott Laboratories — a major player in the formula business — and recalled three of their powdered baby formula brands; Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare due to potential bacterial contamination.

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