Donald Vacovone’s “Teaching White Supremacy” is an overdue discussion. Credit: Photo by David Harris

K-12 education system has played a large role

As Blacks were migrating from the harsh labor conditions of southern cotton fields to what they thought would be a Utopian deliverance to anywhere else, many did not know the sickness of white supremacy had already spread the world over, as if it were an airborne contagion.

As alluded to in his book “Teaching White Supremacy,” author Donald Yacovone, lays out a stark roadmap into the complex phenomenon that has shaped world governments, their economies, educational standards and cultures. 

As other cultures pass down traditions like celebrations and religions, so too is whiteness, as a domineering aspect of existence, passed down in the teachings of white supremacy. No matter the economic positioning, nearly every child in America, as well as in other nations with a history of racism, have passed through a form of this indoctrination. 

Yacovone is the author of nine books, including  two co-authored with African American scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr., who called “Teaching White Supremacy” “The most profoundly original cultural history in recent memory.” 

The contemporary headwind of the anti-Black literature movement in our classrooms further highlights the need for continued dominance by the white racist culture over K-12 education, the main historic disseminator of white supremacy.

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