How many times will the youth of the Black community be punished for the wrongdoings done against them? As Black students are forced to alter their appearance to appeal to the white gaze and are funneled into the school-to-prison pipeline, it makes folks wonder, when will the youth of this community catch a break? 

In the latest mind-blowing incident, a Black female student was left hospitalized with a broken nose last week after confronting a white student for repeatedly using racial slurs.  

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The Kansas City Defender posted a video of the incident, which has now gone viral, showing a Black female student at Shawnee Mission East High School in Kansas, Missouri, confronting a white classmate for calling Black people “slaves.” This led another white student to get involved, who shouted, “Shut the f*ck up,” before hurling the N-word at the Black female student. The interaction ultimately ended in a physical altercation after the white male student charged toward the Black girl and pushed her. 

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