Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic in the early 1980s, Black women have been heavily affected — making up over half of new diagnoses among U.S. women today. With that, they’ve been equally impacted by stigmas that exist around the virus. 

Now they’re speaking up about it. 

Black cisgender and trans women are launching new initiatives to reframe the narrative on prevention and care. 

Black women account for nearly 60% of new diagnoses among cisgender women. Trans Black women account for 46% of new diagnoses among transgender women.

“Black women who are living with HIV are not often seen or heard, and this silence really fuels a lot of stigma,” Amelia Korangy, the senior external affairs officer at ViiV Healthcare, tells Word In Black. “It also keeps women from really understanding how HIV can impact their lives and their families and our communities.”

On April 27, ViiV Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company focused on therapies for HIV, released a report aimed at radically transforming how HIV is spoken about and how Black women living with — and without — the virus are cared for. 

In the U.S., Black women account for nearly 60% of new diagnoses among cisgender women, despite making up less than 15% of the female population. Trans Black women account for 46% of new diagnoses among transgender women.

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