Social media has made it easier than ever to access mental health education. In a matter of seconds, a quick search for “ways to manage anxiety” or “how to set boundaries” on Instagram or TikTok lands users face-to-face with licensed therapists. With a new platform on the scene — Meta’s Threads — now may be a good time to spruce up your feed.

Here are five Black therapists and mental health organizations to consider following:

1. @MikeyDyson

Michael Dyson is a psychotherapist and career counselor who helps job seekers transition into new workplaces with confidence and self-awareness. Through his company, DYSN Career Counseling, he provides virtual classes and one-on-one counseling. He also serves clients in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a provider with Good Stress Company. Check out Dyson’s page for notes on eliminating distraction, prioritizing happiness, and more.

Quote: “Why settle for being resilient when you have the ability to thrive?”

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