I had to pleasure of getting to know best selling author of books for young readers Jerald L. Hoover. He is the type of person who believes in his work and is willing to double back to assure that someone is paying attention.

Yes, we were paying attention and were willing to feature him in a story. His narratives matters because at these days of Covid-19, our youngsters and teens are irritated more than ever.

Jerald has developed a four-part series of books that he has named, each with the word ‘Hero’. The reason for Hero, is for the teens, young ones to gain inspiration and to build their esteem.

Too often young people look outside of their reach for heroes. And the books help them understand the real hero is looking right at them in the mirror.

Our young men, in particular have to READ in order to SUCCEED and LEAD!

The Hero Book Series: My Friend, My Hero, He was my Hero Too, A Hopeful Hero, and Hoop Hero.

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The series is a work of realistic fiction but without any profanity or illicit connotations. And it is based on basketball players living in Mount Vernon, New York.

For entertainment purposes Jerald has penned a screenplay (for a movie) and a musical stage play from the story line. He is also in the process of expanding The Hero Book Series to where he will bring the teenage and adult characters to life as children.

Jerald L. Hoover is an Author/Educator?Speaker

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