We are back with yet another hot summer talent, doing their thing to build their marketing portfolio.

This video interview is special to me because it is about one of the hardest working hip-hop artists in the city, who actually happens to be my real-life brother. “YC Bey.” 

Born and raised in St. Louis. Missouri, YC Bey was raised by his single mother and two brothers in a poverty-stricken environment. When asked what got him into making music, he stated.

His two brothers “Whatever my big brothers would have done, I would have done.” “If y’all would have been robbing banks for a living, I would have been robbing banks for a living.” “But yall started the rapping wave and I looked up to yall, and that’s what made me get inspired to write music.”

YC Bey’s greatest song he has ever done to him is his song “Whole Notha Level.” When asked what type of artist he classifies himself as, he states, “I’m a consciousness trap street artist.” 

He thought about becoming a battle rapper but said that wasn’t for him. “Man I ain’t built for that, if you start talking about my momma, I might have to end the whole battle right there.” What made him get into acting was being inspired as a kid by Tupac Shakur from watching Juice, Poetic Justice, and Above The Rim.

One day, A host for a lot of the music shows that he was doing around the city was also the executive producer for his first film “STL The Movie.” “He saw my drive and ambition and asked if I wanted to be a part of this movie.” “I didn’t have to audition, He gave me the starring role.” Since then he has been flourishing in the acting field even writing, producing, and directing his own film titled “Hella Drove The Movie” which has won awards.

YC Bey is also an author. He has a book titled “Conscience of YC Bey” The book talks about how he became a full-time entrepreneur and maintained to become successful and prosper all at the same time.  YC Bey says “Going through the worst can bring out the best in you.” “Pressure makes diamonds.” His top 5 artists of all time are Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, Future, Drake, and Jeezy.

His advice that he would have given to his younger self would be “Boss up even sooner.”

Now check out the video interview to hear more.

Courtesy of G Souldier