October 7, 2021

The Booming distillery Industry…We’re Trying to Drink it Away

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#14 Breweries, Wineries, & Distilleries

Business Insider wrote an article about the fastest growing industries since Trump became president. This blog series examines why those industries are booming and what that may indicate about the Mind, Body, & Spirit of our country. What are we buying? Why are we buying it?

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It’s pretty easy to figure out why alcohol factories are booming. We are self-medicating. We’re drowning our sorrows, but we are making it look cute. We’re making it look fun. We’re making it look cool in wine shops, boutique breweries, and high-end distilleries. But it is still self-medicating.

We are suppressing our pain, frustration, and annoyance with good strong drinks. The abusive tweets from the leader of our country. The plethora of his comrades being carted off to jail. The resignations, firings, and appointees who just sit down on the job. We are trying to drink it, smoke it, vape it, use it away.

Drinking is fun, and there is nothing wrong with having a few drinks. However, the fact that this is a booming business during these weird Trump years shows that we are losing ourselves in drinks. We feel powerless because we do not understand what’s going on, so we just turn to something to calm our fears.

Here’s a different solution.

Get a daily Spiritual practice. Check in with your creator everyday. You’ll find calm. You’ll find understanding. God is good, so only good can come out of this madness. Trust the process and spend time with you Source.

I’m not talking about begging God for a change. Crying out to God why? Or using God as your own personal revenge machine.

I mean

  • Taking time to get quiet in meditation
  • Reflect on Godly things.
  • Breathe in God’s Spirt.
  • Dance in God’s glory.
  • Stretch your mind & Spirit with ancient texts
  • Stretch you body with yoga
  • Sitting quietly contemplating God’s works.
  • Giving to Good causes
  • Join uplifting groups.
  • Be creative. Do something that creates with God.

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