What happens when everything in the world around you wants to fight? And all you ever want is to be a kid?

Well in Joel Christian Gill’s graphic comic Fight, his young character Joel tries to triumph over violence. Fight is the visceral and deeply affecting memoir of Joel Christian Gill. The book chronicling hi youth and coming of age as a poor black child.

A child raised in a chaotic southern landscape of rough city streets and foreboding backwoods during the crack cocaine boom of the 1980’s. Young Joel is catapulted into the into a world filled with uncertainty and desperation.

He felted driven into violence just to solve his problems by everyone and everything around him. The critics are calling Fight, brutally raw, funny as hell, deeply sensitive and insightful in each panel.

One critic says that Fight is powerful, brave and deeply felt. A crucial addition to the graphic memoir canon.

I wouldn’t recommend this graphic for kids under 14, and those who are into graphic novels should consult with their parents for guidance.