So, if you have something negative to say about the owners of STL on the Rocks Bar & Grill. It is best to come with receipts.

Because you might not be able to get your foot out your mouth later.

If you have do have any problems with STL on the Rocks Bar, in suburban St Louis. It is best to settle your grievance with the friendly management team while you are there.

Because leaving, and going on social media will make you the stock of laughs. So, I sat down with one-third of the all female ownership to discuss.

LA is the name she goes by, and do not let her size and sweet smile fool you.She will get down and defensive with the biggest of the bullies.

She stated that she was so rattled by a former customer’s complaint. That she took her concern to Facebook live.

She stated that she extended her hand out to the customer, but they declined her offer.In the video she told her loyal and non-loyalty customers that she is well stocked.

In addition, they don’t have to mix premium whiskey to save a buck. The video LA posted proved that claim, that they are well stocked with the booze in the back.

And it is hurtful for someone to lie about it on social media just to get likes.

LA even showed me the original post the city disgruntled consumer made. In addition it showed how even some mutual acquaintances that frequented her bar were agreeing with him.

Bold and brash LA even called them all out on live and told them they are no longer needed at her club.

In my opinion on all of this atrocity is blase. Yet St Louis has long to be a haters paradise.

People hate to see a group of women or anybody doing something to better the economy. Moreover, they just hate for any given reason.

They will find something bad in the Gateway Arch if they could. That is just our city’s people and the way it is.

I don’t have the video but But once it is edited, you can be sure I will publish it.

On the good front, STL on the Rocks Bar & Grill, is not short for St Louis. Its an acronym that reflects three strong black women, and is just a coincidence.




Upcoming events:

Unique is having a ‘Playboy’ themed birthday party Monday, August 29th starting at 2pm

Tuesday, August 30th

The crew will meet at the Hanley Metro Link Station for a day trip to Chicago. The bus will include DJ Dano. It will kick off a Rotating Round Robin with Chicago’s clubs, where they will travel to St Louis as well.

Last, Tavern Night, LA said they will continue the tradition that  former liquor promoter Harvey Nelson started over 25 years ago in St Louis.So, just stay tuned on our site and we will keep you posted.

STL on the Rocks Bar and Grill

10086 Page, St Louis, MO 63132

 (314) 368-4758

How it all begun. Video by LA