While most local Independent filmmakers and producers saw a decline in production during the pandemic, some of those producers felt there was no need to try and make a recovery.

However, the ingenious and determination of Golden Bricks Publishing saw an opportunity to produce and create something exciting. 

I had the chance to sit down and chat with the founder, Jeffrey Parham, at his home, and as usual, this busybody is always at his studio thinking of a masterplan.

Hey, sir, thanks for making time for the interview.

You are welcome. I’m thankful that you chose me for the interview.

Tell me about your new film “Pit of Rage”.

The story of Brick “Demolishing” Henry, a beekeeper who’s passionate about building his legacy as a top fighter within the city’s underground fighting competition, called the Pit of Rage. He’s accompanied by his brother Gordon “Go” Orien on this epic adventure.

Along the way, Brick “Demolishing” Henry meets a lady by the name of Rebecca, who becomes his girlfriend, where he finds love and romance. Although he overcomes many obstacles due to his rough environment, he continues to stay focused. Brick “Demolishing” Henry has to endure setbacks, such as being attacked, leaving his ribs broken outside of fighting in the Pit of Rage.

This leaves him struggling eternally on what path to take spiritually as he heals from the injury. Finally, he returns to normal condition and continues working at the beehives and training hard for the Pit of Rage. He has to work his way up the ladder in order to defeat Alpha, who is the current champion, to leave his legacy. 

The Bartender at a local club named Layla introduces Brick “Demolishing” Henry to Blake “Lone Wolf,” who was a reigning champion, but now an ex-fighter of the Pit of Rage. Blake “Lone Wolf” assists Brick “Demolishing” Henry with new techniques and educates him on how to become the champion of the Pit of Rage.

Beekeeper’s scene

Oh my, this sounds exciting! What was the inspiration behind the film?

The idea came to me as a kid when I wrote my first play, which was “Pit of Rage”. Of course, overtime, I lost the play, and I began revamping the idea, with other writers like Peter McNelly and my co-producer and co-director, SmoothBEATZ.

I was inspired to make this film because I was a fan of martial arts movies as a child up until my late teenage years. So, I would write small films and put them together, but now I am starting to venture into filmmaking and I want to film different genres. Therefore, I chose a martial arts style film as my first project. 

Tell me about the cast.

We have a very talented cast, and we are still holding auditions to fill the other roles. I would elaborate on the cast, but I think it would be more fulfilling to see their auditions at https://www.facebook.com/goldenbrickspublishing

You also host a podcast, Prodigious Internet Show. Tell me more.

Answer: Yes, the podcast, Prodigious Internet Show, can be found at www.mycitymymusic.com. You have to search the Hampton location on the website, because it is several different locations.

The Prodigious Internet Show is a place for people to promote their future endeavors, or just come to the show and share different topics, and we do allow call-ins. 

Cast at Prodigious Podcast

When did you start Golden Bricks Publishing, LLC? 

I started Golden Bricks Publishing, LLC in March of 2018.

What are your main attributes to film making?

Well, my attributes are I am a writer, director, producer, editor, music production, cameraman, actor, performing artist, choreographer, audio/video. I am well rounded in getting things done.

Tell me about your family life.

I was born to Arlen Ray Parham and Gladysteen Parham. I have one sibling, which is my brother, Arlen Kendrick Parham; two sons and one daughter. My sons are Cordell Parham, Jahziel Parham, and my daughter is Jazzlyn Seqkayia Parham. I am married to Samantha Parham; we have a great life together. 

You are also a hip hop artist. Tell me about that.

I started recording hip hop back in 2001 in Columbia, Missouri, and when I relocated to St. Louis, Missouri, I started furthering my career as an independent music artist. I have music content on audio streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and etc.

You can find me under the name J-Pzy or you can search the group, “The Miller Brothers Smooth Country,” and I also have an album called “Lil Arkansas Still Grinding”. 

How will fans find Golden Bricks Publishing?

Fans can find us on Google, Youtube, or Facebook. Also, they can watch our television streaming app on ROKU, Amazon Fire TV (stick), and Apple TV devices by downloading “Global Media OTT Network”, which the app name is actually “GIAJ Global Media OTT Network.”

We just started up but with the fans’ continuing support and patience, we will be bring to the app more content.   

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to seeing your film upon production completion.

No problem; I really appreciate the opportunity to be featured on The Narrative Matters.

Photos by Golden Brick Publishing/The Newsletter


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