Thuliso Dingwall, whose name means peacemaker was born in Newton, Massachusetts, and raised in Clinton Maryland. He came from humble beginnings with both parents in his life. 

He got into acting at the age of five after watching a Gap commercial. He told his mom that’s what he wanted to do. 

He met a woman named Linda Townsend who groomed him and taught him the ropes. He kept going to workshops and eventually would grow fruit from that. 

So when he auditioned for a role in ‘The Wire,’ Thuliso’s dad explained how big of a deal this could be. As a result he was driving back to Baltimore and received a call in less than an hour, and was told that he received the role.The last step was getting permission from his grandma to be on the show. He played the role of Kenard. 

I asked Thuliso what was the backstory of the character and did he see any similarities of himself between the character. “We were polar opposites. Kenard was homeless and didn’t have anyone giving him guidance. He was all about survival and grittiness.”

I asked Thuliso to give me the backstory about him killing one of the most beloved characters on the show “Omar Litle.” played by Michael K. Williams.”We got the sides(script) So beforehand I’m reading it. so then I gave it to my dad and he made this face and says you gonna shoot Omar.” “On the day of filming, mind you, I’m 11 years old. I never held a gun in my life. We did the first rehearsal with the effects. 

After that, I made a beeline and ran down the street. I really thought I killed him because it looked so real.” “My mom and this Makeup artist, Ms. Debbie tried to calm me down because I was crying. Then Michael k. Williams came in to ease my mind and said it’s ok, see I’m still alive.”


The advice he would give to kids wanting to get in the industry is. “For parents, If your kids want to become actors, the earlier the better. Get them as much experience as you can. and to the kids, It is hard work and very taxing physically and emotionally, keep at it. Learn as much as you can and don’t stop.”

When asked when it’s all said and done and you are long gone from this earth, What do you want the people to know about Thuliso: “That I was a very passionate person, that I loved acting and anything arts-related.”

Thuliso leaves us with these words of wisdom. “Self-praise is no recommendation, but confession is good for the soul.”

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Courtesy of G Souldier