In the offseason one of the biggest player acquisitions was future hall of famer Russell Wilson deciding to finally leave Seattle to go to Denver via trade.  After years of frustration with the offensive play calling, and the offensive line.

And being one of the most hit Quarterbacks in the NFL, Russell Wilson was fed up with life in Seattle and decided to head to what he believed to be greener pastures. The question is, did he make the right decision?

 In this article, I discuss whether it was his best possible destination.

  Many observers saw Denver as a team that was a Quarterback away from being a contender, as since John Elway retired over 20 years ago, the Broncos have struggled to find a long-term solution at Quarterback.  The last success they had was signing Peyton Manning coming off a neck surgery that took him out for a season.

 It was a gamble that paid off as Manning led the Broncos to two Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl win.

 Denver has squeaked out a 2-1 record thus far after a hard to watch football against Jimmy G and the 49ers, winning a game 11-10.  Russell Wilson butted heads with the philosophy that won Seattle a Super Bowl and got them very close to winning a second.  That formula was defense and running the football with the offense only needing occasional big throws from the quarterback position. 

But for years Wilson wanted latitude with play calling and he wanted to air it out and for the pass attack to be a bigger part of the offense.

Three games in, there are questions about Coach Nathaniel Hackett.  There are even questions very loud ones asking can Russ cook?  The AFC West was supposed to be the toughest division in the NFL. 

But so far, it’s fallen short of that, as the Raiders are 0-3, Kansas City was upset by the Colts and are 2-1, and the Chargers have a banged-up Justin Herbert and got blown out by Jacksonville.  So, with the division not living up to the hype, there’s still a chance for Denver to figure things out and win their division, right now they are tied with the Chiefs at 2-1.

While things have not gone as well as hoped the first three weeks, there is time for Nathaniel Hackett to figure out the intricate details of being an NFL head Coach like clock management.  There is time for him to build trust in Russell Wilson to make 4th and 5 at an end of a game.

 There is also time for Russell Wilson to maybe realize that trying to “cook” is not his best path to back to the Super Bowl.  Maybe he needs to go back to being a caretaker who just does not turn the ball over that makes plays when need be and not a QB that throws the ball 50 times and for 40 touchdowns.

Pay attention to this space to see how Russell’s journey is going as we will keep evaluating this trade throughout this season and it’s working for either party.