By the time you hit 10th grade, chances are you have already started studying for the SATs. For those of us who already finished college, the memories of cramming and test exams are well buried. For students still waiting to take their SATs, the desire to excel and land the college acceptances of their dreams awaits. Well, for one amazing African American student, the dream of acing the SATs came true. Justin Ricketts is among the limited few that can boast of having aced their SATs with a perfect 1600 score.

Who is Justin Ricketts?

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Justin Ricketts is a 17-year-old African American student from Riviera Beach, Florida. He is currently a senior at Suncoast High School where he excels academically and in his extracurricular exploits. As a member of the debate team, he has made his mark as well. Most recently, he was selected as president of the debate team and will participate in a national debate forum in Kentucky this year. Justin has no plans to slow down his academic progress in the days to come. In fact, he has already sighed up with MIT to study visual tension through their exclusive program at their Research Institute.

What His Teachers Have to Say

Justin’s chemistry teacher spoke very highly of him stating that he hopes that he gets plenty of scholarship offers and can choose his dream university. The youth is affectionally called “Mr. 36” as a nod to his perfect score. In the history of the school, Justin is the first to secure a perfect score. He is the first person of color in the county to achieve a perfect score as well. All of Justin’s teachers are proud of his achievements, and as a lifelong straight-A student, they hope for big things from him in the future.

The Journey To A Perfect Score

In preparation for the exams, Justin was diligent with his studies in the months leading up to the exams. However, the night before he performed some light review of both writing skills and geometry equations that were expected to appear. However, unlike many who cram for the SATs ahead of the test, Justin attributes his success to a strong work ethic and proper study habits his entire school life. Justin also gives a lot of credit to his parents for their unwavering support and lessons in being studios.

Most high school students take the SATs in batches. Justin’s case was no different. The day the score came out he was checking his results along with the rest of his friends during their first-period class. While he was expecting to do well, a perfect 36 was beyond his wildest dreams. It took him a few minutes to process his score and come to terms with his stellar performance.

Future Educational Opportunities

With a perfect SAT score and a solid transcript, Justin has quite a few options to choose from. He has already been accepted to a number of prestigious universities, among them Harvard, Princeton, and MIT. With plans to become a neurosurgeon, the world is his oyster in terms of school choices. Justin has mentioned that he wants to attend university in New England, which gives us a pretty good idea of where he plans to study.

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