St Louis is known for having the one of a kind restaurants and food establishments, so much so it ranks high as a foodie city. And since the pandemic a lot of places have come and gone.

However, they are always replaced with one unique concept or another. This daytime cafe in St Louis trendy ‘hood Central West End is no exception. First Watch, for breakfast, brunch and lunch has taken over the short confinement of 1764 Restaurant.

1764, in my opinion really didn’t spark my curiosity; which was part of the Gamblin Whiskey House family.

Moreover, it is great to see that the building that the business is in is still busy and bustling. This particular building dates back to the Forest Park Hotel days, and has seen many store front activities.

When you walk into First Watch, you have the view of Shake Shack across the street behind you.There is also the opportunity to see people scurrying in and out of Whole Foods, which sits to the left of First Watch.

First Watch staff goes far and beyond the call to assure that your stay is remembering. There is nice milk glass of fresh water and bottomless coffee, if you ask.

This is my second, maybe fourth time here. So, that quantify them for being eligible for a fabulous review.

So before I deep dive into what they have to offer, let me hang them with a 5-star. Like I posted, this place is only open daily until 2:30pm.

So, if you are like me, a breakfast day time of person.Then this is your type of hangout.

They have delicious bottomless Project Sunrise Coffee, cold brew coffee and ice coffee to kick start your mental bang.

My personal favorite is The Work omelette; ham, bacon, sausage, house roasted Crimini mushroom, cheese, onions and tomatoes.Topped off with a huge helping of potatoes and toast.

There are entrees; Chorizo Sunrise Sandwich, Crab Cake Benedict and Shrimp and Grits. Sharable Million Dollar Bacon, and a healthy Juice Bar, with Kale Tonic and Pineapple Express.

First Watch also has a healthy menu starting with avocado toast,steel cut oatmeal and more.And don’t forget the griddle.Their multi grain pancakes come in different varieties,along with toast and waffles.

First Watch starts early in the morning by juicing fresh fruits and vegetables,baking muffins and whipping up their French toast batter from scratch.

Take a look at First Watch for your jet start to the morning, you will be glad you did.

Stop by at 39 N. Euclid Avenue, St Louis, 63108, and don’t forget to say hi to Briani.

Courtesy of Fox 2 at First Watch in St Louis county