The third black mayor of Kansas City, MO is trailblazer Quinton Lucas. And this young man isn’t even 40 yet.

At 37, the very dapper politician of Missouri’s second largest metropolitan area K.C., has been busy. After a previous bout with Covid-19, Lucas took to the bustling east Crossroad district to honor 6 black businesses.

Lucas main focus was on businesses that were owned by people of color. And those that specialized in health and wellness. As a result, at each stop he presented the said businesses with a proclamation of gratitude for their services.

Two businesses in particular, where he took the time to grab some chin-ups.The Tuf Club gym, owned by Jabari Washington, and Disabled But Not Really, owned by Wesley Hamilton, in which both are in the same building.

The operators work with clients to strengthen their mental and physical performance.Washington started his company almost 5 years ago.

Moreover, he watched how black kids were growing up struggling to find affordable health and fitness services.

He also has a program to help single moms who can’t afford daycare. By allowing kids to come workout and learn how to stay healthy.

Due to his efforts, he has spawned collaborations with Athletics and Bumble, a dating app.

Disabled But Not Really is a 501(c)3 organization providing equal access to the underserved disabled community through programs that focus on fitness, wellness, and mental health. We guide people living with disability through inclusive training and help their identities to be fully visible in an inclusive community.

Kansas City, MO mayor Quinton Lucas is married, and a former law school professor, community leader and city council member.

Quinton Lucas, video is courtesy of KC Star