We are living in a nation where everyone is out and striving to do better things. Some people are good at it and then there are so people who are great at it.

There are people who are making things easier for people who hate going into a physical store to shop. 

Take Amazon for instance, a global commerce giant that is worth billions of dollars. Amazon is a company that started in the founder’s living room. When I think of how far Amazon has come to make it easy for you to shop, write, promote, sell and do just about anything you want, I think about a lot of young self-starters who are doing the same.

Sure, not in the billion dollar sense of form, but generally making strides to build their own blueprint for success.

I had the unique pleasure of meeting JaMarius T. Jelks years ago when he was a rising photographer and video man for many projects in St. Louis. Now, this striking young man is doing the dang thing in Atlanta, Georgia with his brand of hats, shirts, jogger outfits, watches, and more called #WeJustLivin. 

So, sit back and enjoy my conversation with my boy, JaMarius, from Atlanta.

Hey there, how are you?

I’m living man, how are you?

I am great sir. Tell me about your brand.

The #WeJustLivin Lifestyle Brand was created at one of the lowest moments of my life, and I felt I was living a life that everybody wanted me to live.  So I had to find out what worked best for me and how I could be authentic in my decision-making and being an inspiration to my audience. So I created #WeJustLivin, and it’s simply you becoming more self-aware, self-sufficient, and knowing your worth. But, most of all, you have to learn to enjoy who you are and the others around you.

How did you come up with the concept?

Through my journey, I realized you have to focus on the things that affect you first, and take care of yourself as well, so that you see all the options and opportunities in front of youm so you can live your best life and fulfill your desires. In fact, the first time I saw what it looked like, three of my friends and family members were out of country. They were at the beach, drinking margaritas, riding 4 wheelers, searching the jungle, or whatever they have in Cuba. But I felt good to see them LIVIN and enjoying life! 

I see you traveling so much now, so are you from Decatur? 

Yep, since 1990 lol

How did you wind up in St. Louis originally?

Basketball and friends. I went to Webster University back in 2009-2010, then UMSL, from which I graduated back in 2016. 

Tell me about your family life.

Wow… it’s still something I am getting used to. But we are getting closer and I love it! My mom always used to say “the more you get older the more you understand”. I have 2 twin older brothers (JaCory & Ja… jk Brandon); 32; I hope he doesn’t kill me for that, but we all were raised together hence the J3 in my designs. But I have a younger sister (Raveen) 30 and a little brother (Kendall)28. Shout out to Thomas Harper; that’s my step pops! My nephews are Kendall Jr, Souljier, Boston, & Brylin. 

Wow, What a family! How is Atlanta welcoming your brand?

Before I moved here I tested the waters a couple of times before I made my decision. And every time I would come visit I’d sell out of all my merchandises. Atlanta really supports black business if you have your business in order and are truthful. 

What are your main products that people are buying?

That’s a hard one because everything really sells. But, if I had to say…The Black with the red and white logo t shirt and the jam packs. 

I am a big boy; will you ever have Big, Man, or Tall Man’s sizes?

We do custom orders so if it’s a scenario where we don’t have the item, we can still get the job done. 

Do you have women’s swimwear? You know it is getting hot.

Yes, it sold out last year, but this year has been difficult due to some of the working circumstances happening overseas to many of the manufacturers. 

Are you still doing your photography and film work?

Yes, that’s my foot in the door and how I’m able to push my brand without saying or doing anything. I have it on while I’m shooting or the logo is on the product. 

You are quite young as a daring businessman; so when is your birthday? 

September 13, 1990

What has inspired you the most?

My Freedom, my strength, my confidence, and most of all is my execution. 

In 5 years do you see yourself more successful than ever?


Thanks for your time, I look forward to seeing you if you come back to St. Louis.

Same here, and thanks for everything.


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