(World Photography Day – Aug 19th)

World Photography Day is August 19th, and it is a great chance to give the art form its due. It is also the perfect opportunity to get introduced to new photographers from all over the world. For The Narrative Matters, we want to give special attention to Black photographers that are making waves and leaving their mark in the world of photography. We have put together a list of highly creative Black photographers that you should know and follow.

Tiffany J Sutton

Tiffany J Sutton is based in St. Louis, Missouri. This talented photographer is not only a highly creative individual, but she is also an award-winning art director, artist, and photographer. Her stills are outside of the norm while also inspiring viewers to expand their minds. Full of rich color and diverse characters, her photography bends the mind and teases the senses. All of her photos of Black women and the portraits she creates are aimed at exploring the idea of dual perception and selfhood. Sutton’s multiple exposure techniques are unique in the space and will continue in her next projects, Black Body Radiation and Black Landscape.

Asiyami Gold

It makes sense that the creator of Black Girl Magic offers her charms for the world to enjoy. Asiyami is a skilled photographer that is able to create visual stories that spark the imagination and trigger viewer creativity. She loves to capture images of the culture, good food, and everything, Black. She highlights the beauty of her subjects and makes the viewer fall in love with a life of living well.

Melissa “Bunni” Elian

Melissa “Bunni” Elian has a large body of work to her name. One of the most memorable is the series in which she followed Travis, who was a young black man raising his son and working to fulfill his own dreams. Her images as highly poignant, and extremely personal and capture the human condition in a way that few photographers can. She even spent 37 hours in jail which she attributes to changing her life and the way she works in a deeply profound manner.

Temi Lawson

Temi is among the newer photographers on our list, but she is set to be among the most prolific. She has only been in the field for a couple of years, but her vivid portraits and sharp angles give her art the look of that of a seasoned veteran. Her work has been in WIRED, Forbes, Vogue, and many other top-tier publications, all for good reason. Based out of Dallas, she is a well-loved art director at Leo Burnett and also has a YouTube channel that showcases her creative process. She covers her journey as a self-taught black photographer and how she went about learning her craft.

Temi Coker

There is a lot that can be said about the new generation, but one thing is certain, they are brimming with creativity. Temi Coker is a Nigerian native that has taken the world of photography by storm. He has a book of his first prints in addition to a massive following online. His images captures are bright and offer his subjects stark relief on their visage on bold backgrounds. Many of his photos are from Nigeria, however, he also has photos from all across the US. If you are looking for images that are outside of the norm, you will love his creations.

Akilah Townsend

Akilah is an art director, film director, and photographer based in Chicago. Her client list is as impressive as her art with big names such as Pepsi, Nike, and the New York Times all under her belt. Some of her most recent work was with Square on their “The Future is Built” program aimed at amplifying black-owned businesses. The portraits of some of the black business owners in Chicago were highly memorable and brought a lot of attention to the program. That being said, all of her work is highly compelling and nationally recognizes as being top-tier. Townsend’s style is highly realistic while also bringing out the powerful side of intimate objects.

Lit Liv Fortson

Olivia is the master of portraits that evoke a strong emotion while being overwhelmingly stylish. She has a unique approach to life that is easily expressed in her work. While some shots may seem familiar in a way, they have the ability to transport viewers to another realm. All of her films are developed by hand and have even caught the eye of big names such as T-Pain, Apple Music, and Rolling Loud music among others. You can see some of her stunning work in Vogue and even We The Urban. If you are into high-energy photos, you will love Lit Liv’s work.

Lester Cannon

Lester Cannon is not only an amazing Black photographer, but he is also one of America’s best, a member of the Armed Forces. His style is a mix of street photography, portraits, and photojournalism. Lester has traveled all over the world and captured stunning images from each place he has visited. His goal has always been to capture interesting people doing mundane things, or mundane people doing amazing things, and it shows in his work.

Jamiya Wilson

Jamiya Wilson is best known for his series of 100 faces. The portrait series followed 100 people and captured 100 different unplanned shots of random citizens. He would approach people at random and ask permission to take their picture, and the results are stunning. He has a unique way of capturing people in the best light while also maintaining their unique characteristics.

Aaron Pegg

There are plenty of talented photographers out there, but none offer that edgy flair Aaron Pegg brings to the table. His goal was to capture his subjects in a way that set his art apart from others in the space. He creates underground portraits that paint a story in the viewer’s mind. Hailing from New York, Aaron makes a point of shooting stills that capture the scene in a way that preserves the unique DNA of the space. We look forward to viewing his out-of-the-box thinking and photography for years to come.

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