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 By Jenny Murray and Danielle Million/Greenway

In Missouri’s cannabis industry, a compelling story of family and healing unfolds at Missouri Wellness, founded by the mother-daughter duo, Glenda White and Tanisha Dale. The foundation for this Missouri manufacturer was built on a profound partnership that blends deep familial ties with a shared commitment to health and community well-being.

Glenda White, a seasoned registered nurse with over 25 years in home care and hospice services, initially held a traditional view of medicine, skeptical of cannabis’s therapeutic benefits. Her perspective shifted dramatically following a personal ordeal—her own mother’s battle with pancreatic cancer. This pivotal family experience exposed the limitations of conventional medicine. It sparked a curiosity about alternative treatments, including cannabis, altering her stance and setting the stage for what would become Missouri Wellness.

Tanisha Dale, who partnered with her mother after earning a degree in biochemistry, brings scientific rigor to the company. Her expertise in biochemistry complements Glenda’s medical background, forging a powerful synergy. Together, they explored the potential benefits of cannabis, attending conferences and engaging with experts, which helped lay the groundwork for Missouri Wellness.

“Missouri Wellness promotes the well-being of individuals through the power of cannabis-based manufacturing and infused goods while promoting eco-friendly products. Creating a healthier world for everyone! “

The establishment of Missouri Wellness was driven by more than business aspirations; it was a commitment to extend the healing they witnessed within their family to the broader community. They envisioned a company that not only sold cannabis products but also advocated for the plant’s medicinal properties. This vision is deeply embedded in their operations, emphasizing advocacy and education to shift public perceptions and inform community discussions about cannabis.

“Before, dealing with my grandmother and heart illness, Glenda looked at cannabis as a gateway drug. And so it was like, no. Don’t do that. She still doesn’t consume it, but she believes in the health benefits of it. So that was her primary turning point along with just seeing the plant work miracles. Being around my grandmother in the industry and as a nurse to see the significance of someone’s health change is just very impactful to her.”

Missouri Wellness staff. From left to right: Tanisha Dale (Co-Owner), Glenda White (Co-Owner), Tia Hutton (Production), Angela Harmon (Sales Specialist), Jazz Moore (Production), and Jada Mone’t (Marketing)

Under the leadership of Glenda White and Tanisha Dale, Missouri Wellness cultivates a culture reflective of their family values. The company fosters a nurturing environment where employees and customers are treated like family. This approach encourages innovation and values individual contributions, reinforcing a collective commitment to quality and integrity in product development.

“We are dedicated to manufacturing the purest extracts and oils while utilizing the most advanced medical technology,” explained Tanisha Dale, Co-Founder of Missouri Wellness.

Their Provisions brand brings a balanced approach to potency and benefits. This careful curation underscores the company’s dedication to offering reliable, health-focused alternatives to conventional treatments.

Community engagement is a cornerstone of their business model. Bringing a family approach to the Missouri marijuana market, the company’s leadership is invested in outreach and integration participating in local health fairs, wellness workshops, and educational seminars, reinforcing the company’s role in community health advocacy and education. These initiatives not only educate the public about the benefits of cannabis but also integrate the company more deeply into the fabric of local life.

For Dale and White, the Missouri Wellness story is one dedicated to ensuring a long term investment in local communities. An attitude that is reciprocated by consumers and patients.

“Customers relate to the people behind the brand. They have a source of recognition. In the stores that we’re in, they don’t just purchase the product because it is a one-gram disposable, but they purchase the product because they know the values or the ethics behind the brand,” Dale said.

Looking ahead, Missouri Wellness is poised for growth but remains steadfast in its founding principles. As the cannabis industry evolves, Dale and White are exploring new product lines and expanding the company’s reach while maintaining a focus on the medicinal benefits and community wellness.

Led by the mother-daughter duo, Missouri Wellness continues its mission, driven by a bond that is not only familial but fundamentally transformative. Together they have created a company that is much more than its products. It stands as a testament to the power of family, the promise of science, and the potential of a community-oriented business to foster significant change and promote health.

For more information about Missouri Wellness, follow them online at missouri_wellness. Learn more about the Provisions on Instagram @moprovisions.

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