Image by: Emmanuel Agbeble

A little girl interviewer asked why is Burna Boy representing Africa and Nigerian culture to the world in your music so important to you? “Because someone has to do it. Someone has to show the world that we are all African. This is where we all are from whether we like it or not.” Those were the words echoed by Nigeria’s Grammy-winning recording artist Burna Boy. 

The Nigerian artist has a deep connection with his fans and always strives to make sense of who he is. Burna Boy has brought his Nigerian sound to a global audience attempting to create change and putting the world on alert about his heritage.

And Burna Boy was interviewed for an episode of African Voices Changemakers. From the beginning of the interview, he made it known about his love for Africa. Burna boy has a dream that someday there will be one Africa. “I wish we had one passport, which would make it easier for Africans to travel outside the continent. I wish we could be considered like a United States, like the way America is.  Let’s say you and I want to go to Spain or wherever on a commercial flight – let’s see who gets in first.”

Burna Boy doesn’t just talk, he backs it up with the music he creates. Due to many of his songs include Afro-centric messages, like the song “Another Story,” The powerful track gives a history of how Nigeria was colonized by the British.  Another track by Burna Boy showcases how critical he is of government leaders titled “Collateral Damage,” where his lyrics talk about how politicians get rich as they watch others suffer.  One thing I can say about Burna Boy is that he is on a mission to unite everyone and educate them on how we are all African.

African Voices Changemakers