Now Available on – “Leading By Example: Credible Messenger Basics”

DANVILLE, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2024 / — Curtis Artis has always been a leader, even when his chosen profession negatively impacted the community. Since his return from incarceration, he’s dedicated his life to uplifting others. In his latest book, “Leading by Example: Credible Messenger Basics,” he shares how community members can use their past challenges to create positive change. “Leading by Example: Credible Messenger Basics” is a comprehensive guide designed to empower individuals with challenging pasts to become successful credible messengers within their communities. This transformative book is tailored for those who have overcome adversity, including past incarceration or legal entanglements, and are now committed to sharing their wisdom and insights with at-risk and gang-affiliated youth.

Drawing from his personal journey and professional expertise, Curtis Artis delves into practical strategies and evidence-based approaches aimed at assisting readers in authentically engaging and mentoring vulnerable youth. “Leading by Example” addresses the critical question of how to forge genuine connections with at-risk individuals, inspiring them to envision and pursue brighter futures for themselves.

If you aspire to make a positive impact on the lives of young people in your community and provide guidance towards a more promising path, “Leading by Example: Credible Messenger Basics” is a must-read. Join Curtis Artis on this enlightening journey of mentorship and empowerment. Get your copy on Amazon today and start transforming lives for the better.

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