I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Miller, CEO of I Am Productions, about his experience bringing a touring stage play to St. Louis while being based in Florida. Andrew candidly discussed the challenges of directing remotely and the limitations of video calls during rehearsals. There were even moments where he couldn’t quite understand the St. Louis cast’s pronunciation (how we talk in the Lou! Lol), demonstrating the nuances of communication across distances.

Mookie Tolliver, a St. Louis-based singer/actor who participated in the production, added his perspective. He noted the excitement of collaborating with I Am Productions and how they welcomed him and helped grow his talents in the theater world. The synergy between the Florida-based company and the local artists created a unique blend of fresh perspectives and grounded authenticity.

Overall, Andrew expressed his willingness to embark on similar collaborations in the future. The experience broadened his perspective, proving that with passion, talent, and adaptability, geographical barriers don’t limit the ability to create impactful theater. This production is a testament to the power of artistic expression and the magic that can unfold when creative forces unite.

The cast of ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ in St. Louis, MO/Facebook

Despite these hurdles, Andrew emphasized the rewards of the experience. The dedication and authenticity of the St. Louis cast, combined with their infectious energy, brought a vibrant pulse to the stage. Their passion shone through, drawing the audience into the heart of the production. The enthusiastic reception from the St. Louis community and the company’s ability to navigate pandemic-related setbacks further solidified the value of the endeavor.

Now the interview live on You Tube:

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