When you take a look at comic creator David Gorden, you do not see a comic anything. You see maybe a linebacker for the Denver Broncos.

But Gorden is not a linebacker, and I don’t think he has Denver in sight. This St Louis ambitious graphic novelist/entrepreneur matters to a of us.After his job downsized he set his sight on 4 Sight Studio.

4 Sight Studio has given Gorden the opportunity to do podcast to publishing custom art.

At 49, his main sight is still focused on one of his comic book character Kwame Hightower.

Kwame is a typical twelve-year-old boy from St Louis.A little boy with more swag than his city can handle.

The comic book story takes his to London, England with his mother after his father’s death.

So, not to spoil a good comic.All young teens should read these type of comics, because they are awe inspiring.

These comics of Gorden project images that show the kids of these days you can get over grief and be happy.

As for Gorden, this big kid at heart loves comics, he is also influenced by old cartoons and movies. He also credited the pandemic for helping him jet start his motivation.

He is currently working with with a charitable cause the Superhero Project. A great initiative that works with terminally ill children, to help them create their time of superheroes.

In Kwame Hightower, Gorden mixes fantasy, history and science, telling am exciting and engaging tale. And Gorden skills do not stop there, he also creates coloring books for a impactive interactive experience.

Courtesy of DKG 72

So, if you are ever in St Louis, Missouri, look up 4 Sight Studio.