Business Insider published an article about the fastest growing jobs between the period of January 2017 and October 2019. The significance of this time period is that it covers a nearly three year time period of the presidency of Donal Trump.

In this blogging series, I will be describing what the growth of those 15 industries, listed in the article, most probably indicates about our country’s mental, physical, & Spiritual State.

#15 Cosmetics & #9 Nail Salons

The rise in the cosmetic industry has a lot to do with hiding our true selves. Wearing make-up is a fun thing to do. The way that’s it’s worn nowadays, which is in a way that rivals cosmetic surgery, indicates that women are not feeling comfortable without a covering. A women may feel like her authentic self is not acceptable.

We are beautiful. We were made that way naturally. Not all women wear make up. Some wear it lightly as an enhancement or to feel special. Some wear it because they think it attracts men, but the birthrate shows, that men want us whether we are covered in make up or not.

Most women know that they are wanted with or without make up, so being wanted is not what’s driving this make up craze. No, I believe it’s not wanting to be seen and not wanting to feel exposed behind this craze.

There are several reasons that people, women in particular, would want to hide themselves during this time.


This president showed that he was adversarial, disrespectful, and hateful towards women before he was elected, but yet he was elected anyway. The message was sent by Americans that women will not be protected if they come under attack. Many women felt it deep in their Spirit. It made them feel exposed, and that feeling can definitely make you want to cover yourself.

Hiding Who You are & What you Believe

50 something percent of White women voted for this very same president who has openly showed that he considers them objects, at best. Vile and nasty, if they use their voice. He has approval from Latino women in the two-digits, as well. Despite his administration actively separating Latino families at the borders.

If you are a woman who supports Trump, despite his views, you might not want to openly admit that you do. You may want to hide, and make up is the perfect way to do that. You would especially want to hide why you would support a man with such low opinions of women.

The reasons might be something like fear, racism, greed, insecurity, and laziness. Those are reasons that could make a woman feel exposed and vulnerable in society, so to slather on make up might make her feel like she is hiding her true self.

Feeling Alone & Exposed

90 something percent of Black Women do not support Trump. In fact, they are the only demographic, in terms of race & gender, that voted against him in such high percentages.

As such, that could leave Black women feeling very exposed. Maybe alone, and not sure whom to trust. When the environment seems hostile and unsure, people run for cover. Make up is a cover.


Pretending to Be Your Best

During this hostile period of Trump, there has been a lot of talk about loving ourselves, self-care, and living our best lives. Some have truly embraced this idea. We see people openly talking about therapy, Spiritual rituals, self-care rituals, and practices for enjoying life.

However, not everyone is actively living their best life. Not everyone is engaging in self-care. There are many who are not interested. Some are not sure what it even looks like. Many are too connected to their pain to consider self-care. But the call has been made across the land to engage in self-care. In response, they contour, cover, dust, and decorate their faces to make it appear as though they are living their best lives.

The last reason that make up is on the rise has nothing to do with Trump. It has to do with the amount of exposure that we willingly submit to society. Social media is rising and we submit images of ourselves, our lives, our triumphs & struggles, everyday. As such, we want to look our best while doing it, so we use make up. Since many have been shamed for not having their social media profile look like their their real life image, people feel compelled to wear their make up or mask, always and everywhere.

An Affirmation:

Say these words three times daily, if you see yourself in the words written above

I am safe. I am acceptable. I am authentic. I am was created as my best self. I am free of judgement. I am free of fear. I am free of my trauma. I am free to be my full natural expression. I am free to express myself, while understanding that the expression is not my true self.


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