The #Dopechic Teaches Black entrepreneurs how to invest in this soon to be $70 Billion Green Rush.

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Cimone Casson is dedicated to shrinking the Wealth Gap via investing in the fasting growing industry of our time, the Green Rush.  She has devoted her career to creating a pathway for minorities to enter the cannabis space by pushing public policies, investment education, insurance coverage, and social equity. Strong and courageous are just a few words that describe Cimone. 

After taking over the Michigan market it was obvious Cimone has a great handle on the community and industry alike. Besides, she has her own thriving business in the cannabis industry and routinely gives back to her community in a variety of different ways. Cimone’s entrepreneurial spirit is second to none. She has her ears to the streets and has earned the respect of many. 

Cimone is active in causes related to minorities inclusion in cannabis and serves as the Michigan Chapter President for Minorities for Medical Marijauna, an organization created to assist in the economic inclusion in the Cannabis Industry.  After working with 100’s of entrepreneurs in the Green Rush, Cimone realized some common characteristics and use this information along with her knowledge to create the “Cash Out On Cannabis’ Tour, a national investment seminar.  

Cimone makes frequent appearances as a keynote speaker, educator, presenter,  panel expert or guest speaker for national conferences, podcasts, television and more.  She has hosted leading Internet show Fly Nubian Queen. 

If your organization ready to be blown away, its a great time to book C Cimone Casson.  Investments are all about your future. Whether you are buying stocks, bonds, starting a business or real estate, the goal is to have your asset increase in value over time.  Cimone Casson has made a name for herself in the Financial and Cannabis Industries. If you’re interested in learning more about investing or the Green Rush, complete this contact form today to receive booking information.




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