Featured image:  Eric Braeden

Black History watch list.

Young and The Restless is the number one daytime TV show watched by black women, and blacks as a whole. Especially, when it comes to taking over household televisions during the day, for the past 43 years. There is none greater than the Internationally acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning, and People’s Choice Award-winning film and television actor Eric Braeden. 

And Black Twitter does not lie:

I asked Eric Braeden how he got the role of Victor Newman in The Young & The Restless. “I told my great friend Dabney Coleman that I had been approached about doing a soap. At the time I didn’t know what that was. He told me to do it and that I would love it. So I went to CBS, met the producers, and Bill Bell said I want him. But I didn’t like it at all. They wanted me to read line for line. Once my contract came to an end after 3 years I didn’t want to play bad guys after that, it was too dehumanizing. I wanted a backstory to explain who Victor was. A few weeks later Bill Bell came up with a great storyline about me being a kid from an orphanage. I have been on the show ever since.”

I asked Braeden how he felt about the late great actress Jeanne Cooper (Catherine Chancellor)  and the late great actor  Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters.) “Jeanne and I laughed a lot. I remember the first time we had a scene together. She grabbed me by the testicles and said alright big boy let’s see what you got. Kristoff was a friend. It’s still hard to deal with that. He was a good man. Kristoff was one of the few people I would sit down with and talk to after scenes.”

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