The first thing you will notice about apparel brand Actively Black is their motto: “We are not asking for a seat at the table anymore. We are building our own table.”

And that right there will immediately let you know that they are in it to change the game. The company founded by Lanny Smith, a former professional basketball player, was created with the input and advice from friends. Friends who have experience at the highest levels with Nike, Adidas, and Jordan Brands.

Lanny saw a void in representation and investment back into the communities, whose culture (mainly black dollars) creates the cool factor for those said brands.

Actively Black is a premium ath-leisure and sports apparel brand designed by us for us. Their goals is to re-invest back into the communities and to improve mental health and physical fitness of their black peers.

Actively Black stresses the importance of being aware that the black community ranks high in diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. And we as blacks lack equal access to healthy food options and nutritional education.

Moreover, they are seeking to bring attention and change to these issues that affect blacks. Their goal is not only to help build up the community.

But they are calling on talents of black brothers and sisters in the area of design, branding, marketing and more. They are trying to build a team that will provide the highest quality products and service.

In return, Actively Black will take proceeds of sales of their products to donate and invest into programs to address:

  1. Healthier food
  2. Physical training and exercise
  3. Mental health in the black community
  4. Social justice initiatives
  5. HBCU Athletics

“When you spend money with our brand, we will employ our people, and the money will be re-invested back into our communities” stated Lanny.