A young mother in her prime, who had other aspirations to become a detective in the law enforcement field, was introduced into the bartending business in 2007. With the pleasure of enjoyment serving all types of people with delicious cocktails.

A true trailblazer like Candace L. Duncan, found out that she was a talented raising star in the industry bar services.  Throughout her journey she tried other opportunities of employment, meanwhile still having bartending as her true power of success in the background.

Until one day Ms. Duncan made the biggest investment of her life, after being encouraged by her loving family and closest friends. She stepped out on faith. Birthing a well uniformed and unique bartending service brand in 2015. You may have read or heard of a Cinderella story. 

Candace Duncan’s bartending journey is most definitely one of a kind. Her mother helped by maxing out her Amazon credit card to help get things started.  Candace has also developed a team of wonderful bartenders Denise, Bryan, Jerrica, Kayla, and Miya; who have been the most hard-working, loyal employees that anyone could ever ask for. At times there multiple bars running on the weekends and team always shows up and shows out. So many other bartenders in the city of Memphis, TN., have always been willing to work with  Ms. Duncan and have  been a help to her business journey as well. 

 Candace Moore-Monie and Sedrick Askew  (ImpactLyfe)

Through the honor of bartending events for Mayor Strickland, Moneybagg Yo, Southern Heritage Classic just to name a few. Candace expressed about her experience to being an amazing blessing. Being able to have serviced over 300 events in this 6-year journey and counting!

Candy Bar Personal Bartending Services aims to be the most upscale, professional mobile bartending service in the city and we want everyone to experience “The Candy Bar Experience!!” Says Duncan. 

With the different delicious cocktails and homemade mixtures, this is a wonderful brand to never forget or miss. When it is time for your favorite cocktails or classic beverages.

Candace Duncan has not only put pride to her business, but that into the many different varieties of specialty cocktails as well.  


Jalapeños Simple Syrup 

Fresh Sweet and Sour 

Triple Sec

Fresh Peach Puree

Muddled Peaches 

Tajin for the Rim.     

Candy Bar Personal Bartending Services offer:

• Mixology Classes (Perfect for Team Building, Girl’s Night, Date Night, Birthday Parties)Servers

• Bartenders and Mixologist for any Event.

• 1 on 1 Bartending Courses

• Mimosa Bars

• Sangria Bars

Contact Info: • Email: Candybarbartending@gmail.com • Website: www.candybartending.com • Instagram: @Candybar_bartender • Facebook: Candythebartender


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