Source: Forbes
Source: Forbes

Black women have been creating and innovating since the dawn of time. However, while most female creations fly under the radar, black female inventions are virtually unpublicized. Thankfully, we are here to shed light and celebrate the greatness that is Black woman magic during Woman’s History Month.

Dr. Shirley Jackson


These days, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. While you may not think about the frequent updates you get on your device; none of the gains in phone technology would exist without Black girl magic. Dr. Shirley Jackson is behind much of the innovation of fiber optic cables, portable fax machines, touch-tone phones, and more. Dr. Shirley Jackson is the very first Black woman to secure a doctorate from MIT. She was moreover the first Black woman to occupy the position of chair of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. These are only a few of the highlights of this brilliant woman and Black inventor that will inspire little girls of color for generations to come.


Madeline Turner


We are all trying to live healthier lives and thanks to the invention of a Black woman, it’s much more effortless. What tastes better than freshly squeezed juice on a sunny day? Perhaps your go-to health drink or comfort snack is a smoothie, if so, then you have Madeline Turner to thank. This brilliant star is the mind and creator behind juice extraction machines, ie, juicers. She created the machine in 1916 and secured a patent for it the same year. Thanks to her Black girl magic we can expend less time in the kitchen squeezing and cutting our fresh fruits and veggies just to get our daily vitamins. 

Sarah Goode


Black women are the queens of learning to make the most of what is available. Therefore, it makes sense that a Black female inventor is behind space-saving furniture. Sara Goode was the first Black woman to register a patent in 1885. Although she was born a slave she gained her freedom following the Civil War she moved to Chicago. She opened a furniture shop with her husband where she solved the problem of space limitations and affordability with her inventions. She created the cabinet bed which doubles as a desk when folded up. Although the bed is no longer made today, her invention paved the way for multi-use furniture that is around today.

Lisa Gelobter


Think about some of your most recent online reactions. That funny Gif, that adds the punch line? How about that witty Gif that gets the point across with no words at all? Social media reactions have grown by leaps and bounds thanks to the efforts of the talented Lisa Gelobter. She is a very skilled computer scientist that created the animation that brings Gifs to life. This is not her only invention; she is also the inventor behind the video tech of the streaming giant Hulu!

Dr. Patricia Bath


Cataracts affect a large percentage of the aging population. African Americans as a whole have a higher risk of developing cataracts. Dr. Patricia Bath is the inventor of an innovative tool that helps to correct cataracts. The Laserphaco Probe, her invention, is a tool that makes cataract removal safer and less invasive. When she patented the laser too in 1988, Dr. Patricia Bath became the first African American doctor to have secured a patent for a medical device. Her innovation is an amazing step in the medical field, and she provides an excellent source of representation for little black girls all over the world.

Uplifting The Black Female Inventor 

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