Vitiligo is just where your skin loses color in patches, and eventually getting bigger with time. But people are so self-conscience about it and try to avoid or judge people with this condition.

Moreover, there is no proven fact that you could catch it, but people still try to defer the contact.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition. In which, a person develops antibodies that destroys melanocytes; that give you your color. And vitiligo affects up to 2% of the population and additionally is more prevalent in darker skin.

 I had the pleasure of sitting down and remotely having an interview with a young man with vitiligo.

I was so touched by his bodacious appeal to his condition and how he is making a difference. And, perhaps demolish the stigmatization and self-conscience attitude toward the way people look.

Domonique Vinegar aka Scooben Von Duben

Hello, how are you sir?

I am great and happy to be here.

Tell me more about your condition, and when did it all start?

So, I was actually lucky enough to be born with vitiligo, because it’s always been a part of my life. It’s a condition where the pigment in your skin turns on and off causing a white effect typically seen as blotches or spots

Do you feel people’s strange looks when you step in a room?

I wouldn’t consider all the looks I get strange! (Lol) I’ve definitely been in that situation but usually if I do get a strange look, it’s typically from children.

Where are from?

I am from Cincinnatti, Ohio

Do you belong to a club or organization?

I started one called blotchlife it’s on Instagram and Facebook.

At 34, let’s talk about your younger years, was it hard to accept your condition? (trying to fit in)

I can’t say it was hard to accept I honestly always liked it. Many people don’t know it’s actually hereditary so in my family it’s something that connects us. But it was hard dealing with bullying and the spots appearing in random places as I got older. In 7th grade I developed one on my upper lip right as I was starting middle school. You can only imagine.(lol)

In relationships, did you find it hard to find that right person who would be comfortable with your condition?

No I don’t think it affected my relationships lol. I think it may be stand-offish for some people but hey you can’t please everyone 

In your own words, what would you say to a person who lives with vitiligo?

I would say, “Omg wassup my blotchy brutha/ spotted sista?” 

I noticed you are a model, tell me more?

Yes I’m a model. It’s cool because a lot of people say I have a unique look so it helps me get a lot of work.

Do you have any exciting events coming up?

I have a few things in the work, and I will most definitely  keep you posted.

Let’s talk about how you maintain your physical health?

I work-out and eat right. Secondly, I’m also a personal trainer and I’m blessed with athletic genetics. 

Thanks for your time; I look forward to seeing more great things happen for you.

I thank The Narrative Matters , for taking the time out to have me here.

Photos and Video courtesy of Scooben Von Duben


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