James White has held executive roles at Safeway Stores, Gillette, Nestle-Purina, Pet Care, and even Coca-Cola. He has also led the successful transformation of Jamba Juice from a smoothie shop. To a leading global, health active lifestyle brand.

And with several national brands, he has 20 years experience as a seasoned board director and advisor. Apart from being San Francisco’s Bay Area Most Admired CEO. He has being an ardent advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion.

So is that enough to explain to you all why he is such the motivational leader?I think very much so indeed. James as an operating executive has overseen the evolution and growth of the world’s most iconic brands consumers use everyday.

He joined Jamba Juice in 2008, refreshing the brand while helping the planet. His Blend Plan, was executed for 3-years; disciplined strategic plan, which included launching new innovated product solutions.

He transitioned franchise-owned store, developed disciplined cost controls, and building a leadership. A initiative to drive functional excellence across the enterprise.

Jamba Juice continues to be an example. An example of a purpose driven brand with cultural foundations rooted in investing; individual as well the community as a whole.