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Sports Reporting and revelations in regards to Dan Synder and his Washington Football Team.

  For weeks now there have stories about the mythical 650,000 emails that were accumulated during the investigation of the Washington Football team’s workplace setting.  Back in July, the NFL decided after months of combing through emails and doing tons of interviews that there would be no public written report of the work done by private investigator Beth Wilkinson, into the workplace atmosphere in Ashburn, VA.

 The NFL levied a 10 million dollar fine against the team/Dan Snyder depending on who you ask. The fine was unprecedented in size, but when you’re a billionaire, 10 million dollars is a speeding ticket.

 However, Dan Snyder as a part of the “punishment” was supposed to quarantine away from team operations. He then was to put in charge during this time away, someone totally disconnected to him and able to give the team some distance from the past right? 

No, the league or team or maybe both decided that taking over as the face of the team would be, Tanya Snyder, Dan’s wife and co-owner of the team.  As if, her becoming the face of the team really forces Dan away from making any team decisions. 

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Pardon my skepticism about a slap on the wrist fine and making Dan Snyder’s wife the functioning head of a team. A team, that’s been dysfunctional at every level for 22 years since being under the Stewardship of the Snyder family.

  The NFL’s owners are now gathering for their league owners meeting, and the pressure to speak on these issues has now ratcheted up several notches.  Congress has sent letters to the NFL according to the New York Times, that ask for the league for “all documents and communications obtained in the investigation of the team; all documents and noted related to the oral reports presented to the league.

Additionally, all NFL policies and procedures related to the use of nondisclosure agreements by the league and it’s teams.”  Leading the Congressional charge on this is Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney of New York who is the chairwoman of the committee on Oversight and Reform, and Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi of Illinois the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy. 

The letter that Maloney and Krisnamoorthi wrote stated that “The NFL has one of the most prominent platforms in America, and its decisions can have national implications.”  The letter continued “The NFL’s lack of transparency about the problems it recently uncovered raise questions about the seriousness with which it has addressed, bigotry, racism, sexism, and homophobia, setting a troubling precedent for other workplaces.”

  Since Congress has come forward making these requests and making its intent very clear to get to the bottom of this issue, the league has now come out publicly and doubled down on keeping the investigations’ findings sealed.  League Commissioner Roger Goddell in public comments said the anonymity of the those who cooperated with the investigation was high priority for league.  Goddell said “We’re very conscious of making sure we’re protecting those who came forward.” 

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But some of the very people the commissioner is saying that the league is trying to protect, have come together to say the exact opposite.  Twelve former Washington Football Employees wrote a cosigned letter to the league and hand delivered it to the league meetings Tuesday to demand that the findings of the NFL Investigations be released. “Now is the time for the NFL to change course and take action to denounce past racist, sexist and homophobic conduct,” the letter said.  

While the NFL has stated that its intent is to protect those who came forward and spoke to the league in the investigation it is obviously clear that is not who they are trying to protect. The harder the league tries to fight this the more suspicion arises that there are far more damning documents being hidden, and that the already damaged reputation of the league can be further destroyed if these documents leak out. 

Jon Gruden former Raiders Head Coach has already fallen due to leaks from these documents.  How many other heads would roll if these documents see the light of day?  Would there be enough damning evidence to oust owner Daniel Snyder?   

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