President Joe Biden on Wednesday invoked the Defense Production Act to speed production of infant formula and authorized flights to import supply from overseas, as he faces pressure from the community from domestic shortage caused by the safety-related closure of the country’s largest formula manufacturing plant.

What parents should do about the formula shortage

Try lots of different stores and websites. Many organizations are offering help and support.
Don’t be picky: Be willing to buy other brands besides your favorite, if your baby uses regular formula. It truly doesn’t matter, they are all remarkably similar.
Check with your Doctor if your baby is on a specialized formula
Only buy from reputable sites and sellers. You want to be sure that what you buy is the real thing.
Check WIC or a medical supply company, call them to see if they can help.

What’s Next?

Do your best to find what’s best for your family and always think outside the box and it’s always great to ask for help. It’s always helpful to check your local mom and pop stores also because they get stuff from local companies and have stuff saved up for shortages like this.

Don’t hoard formula if you find it. Just think of all the other families in the same boat you are. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends buying no more than a 10- to 14-day supply.

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