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By Dulce Moncada

Yoga poses for beginners are the best way to get started if you’re looking to tone and strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility, and connect your mind and body in the process. The ancient practice of yoga has been popular for literal centuries for this reason—it’s not only a physical exercise but a spiritual one. Through yoga, you can explore your limits and discover new dimensions within yourself.

We know that starting any new discipline always has its challenges, but don’t worry because there are so many easy ways to start the process. And to help you on that journey, we’ve gathered seven asanas—that is, physical positions used during a hatha yoga practice—that can unlock your potential and allow you to elevate both your spirit and your body. 

Put on your favorite leggings and get ready to breathe, stretch, and flow in harmony with the universe with these yoga poses for beginners.


Mountain pose is the basis for many other asanas. To perform it, stand with your feet together or hip-width apart and open your toes to connect with the earth. Keep your legs steady, knees active, and abdomen inward. Open your chest, extend your arms, and leave them right next to your thighs. Now, stretch your back without lifting your shoulders and look forward. Relax, enjoy the breath, quiet the mind, and connect with the present. 


Also known as child’s pose, this posture is ideal for relaxing and stretching the back after more-intense exercises. Sit on your heels, stretch your arms forward, and lower your torso until your forehead touches the floor. Balasana provides a gentle stretch in the back and shoulders and helps calm the mind.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

From a four-legged position, extend the hands forward and lift the hips toward the ceiling to form an inverted V with the body. This pose, also known as downward dog, stretches the muscles of the back, shoulders, and legs, relieving stress and improving circulation.

Virabhadrasana I

Virabhadrasana—also known as the warrior pose—is one of the yoga moves with the most variations, with a total of three. The first one is beginner level; to do it, start in a standing position and take a big step backward with one leg, bending the knee of the front leg at a 90-degree angle. Keep the other leg straight and raise your arms above your head. Share the weight between both legs and stay for five breaths, deepening on each exhalation.


Trikonasana, or triangle pose, allows you to stretch the side muscles of the body and improve the flexibility of the spine. From a standing position, open your legs wider than your hips, turn your right foot outward, and stretch your right arm forward. Lean to the right side and place the right hand on the ankle, leg, or floor while raising the left arm toward the sky. Repeat on the opposite side.


Cobra pose is one of the best asanas to start with. Lie on your stomach with your hands placed on either side of your chest and your legs extended. On an inhale, lift your bust off the floor while keeping your hips and legs on the ground, elbows bent, and palms down. You can strengthen your back, tone your glutes, and help relieve lower back pain with this asana.


Savasana, or corpse pose, is one of the most important positions in yoga practice. In fact, it is the asana that closes all classes of all styles. Simply lie on your back with your legs apart and your arms relaxed at your sides. It will help you deeply relax your body and mind, allowing for complete recovery and a sense of inner peace. 

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