Toronto, ON – “Take Me Away” the powerful single and music video by Canadian Rapper Fame Holiday is available now on all platforms.  This release follows the Mississauga based rapper’s previous hit singles “Saucy, “Confusing,” “My Thang,” “Finessing” and albums, “Made For This”.  “Temporary Love.”   Holiday represents O.S.O.T (the other side of Toronto) & he takes that seriously.  The talented rapper uses hooks and melodies unique to his hometown upbringing.  Influenced by Chris Brown, 50 Cent & Big Sean, Holiday knows what he wants and works hard to produce projects that tell relevant stories.  The O.S.O.T.  rapper’s commitment has led to his opening for multi-platinum artist Rich Homie Quan and sold-out performances at iconic venues, including Lee’s Palace, The Phoenix Concert Theater & Theater Plaza Montreal, etc.  Work ethic and dedication to his craft has earned Holiday music recognition on Flow 93.5 and hundreds of thousand streams on all major music platforms. 

“Take Me Away” is personal for the young rapper.  Recognized as one of the most influential rappers coming out of Canada today, Holiday decided to use this platform to tell his story.   “Take Me Away” was born from generations of people struggling for a voice, for Holiday, not just a headline, but his life.   His “Take Me Away” video relates to the struggle, supporting causes and black and minority owned businesses.  With the understanding… “together we are stronger”.

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