I am so excited to start my new series of blogs and interviews for The Narrative Matters. I will be presenting some top talents around the nation and current events that involve the world trying to move past the Covid-19 pandemic.

It was a pleasure to meet up with the Stringz EMB, a prolific talent who is bringing a new flavor to R&B in St. Louis.

Photo by Ryan Moore

Hey sir, how are things with you?
Stringz: Greetings, brother. I am well. I hope the same for you. I’ve just been busy working towards visual production releases as I gear up for the release of my 2nd full length project, set to drop later this year.

I see you are making a lot of moves in the industry. Tell me about your new music?
Stringz: Yes, due to Covid slowing things down on the live venue front, instead of allowing it to stop or slow me down, I decided to target my efforts towards maximizing visual production. Since June of 2020, I have released a visual project each month. Being a soul singer/rapper, my music is created from my life experiences.

As many others, I go through ups and downs. Instead of hiding my insecurities, I choose to put them all out front in my music. I sing about my troubles in hopes that it resonates with others dealing with issues. Hopefully, my music can assist them through tough days, as it assists me.

So, as we get back to basics and know what we are dealing with post pandemic, how did it motivate you?
Stringz: Believe it or not, it really helped me. It made me refocus and hone in on my craft. It forced me to sharpen my iron. I was able to take the time to recalibrate things, such as production, marketing, networking. Now I feel more ready than ever for anything to come.

Photo by Ryan Moore

With your new music on and popping, how do you find time to juggle marriage, family life, and your 9 to 5?
Stringz: The trick is to not find time, you make it. Knowing that everything NEEDS to be done, I don’t think about it, I just do it. The secret to it all is my gorgeous wife, Dr. Katrina Thompson-Bowdry (Dr. T-Bow). She fills in and handles everything on the right, while i knock out and execute everything on the left.

Some would call us a power couple, but I’d prefer the term, “Dream Team.” She believes in what we’re creating and she supports my efforts to make things happen. We push and pull each other across the finish line of every small victory race.

In the future, are there any local talents you would like to collaborate with?
Stringz: The term “local” always makes me feel a certain way. To me, if an artist has traveled outside of their city limits, technically, they’re not local. Personally, I’ve performed as east as D.C. and as west as Seattle. I’ve even blessed the stage in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Now, there ARE some St. Louis artists that I’d love to collab with. Stars such as Mc Tres, we’re actually getting some magic brewing right now. I’d like to work with Real Early, Mookie Tolliver, Valencia, Hello JiZoo, Nando STL, Shai Lynn, Kimmy B, and there are a few other dope creators I plan on collabing with soon.

Being a talent in St. Louis, do you feel that there is any unity with other acts?
Stringz: I truly believe there is a level of unity within the music community. I feel like there could/should be more, but I’m not complaining. I feel like St. Louis, EASILY, has the same level of talent, if not more, than the cities we adore. Our issue is the unity. We should move more like the planeteers and let our powers combine…but that’s just me.

Photo by Ryan Moore

Are there any tours lined up for you this summer?
Stringz: I’m in the process of finalizing a few national dates. I’m also working on putting together a South American tour with my brother and guitarist, Will Buchanan.

You recently received an award for your work. Care to discuss?
Stringz: I’m always honored to receive awards, but honestly, I don’t do it for the awards. I do it for the release. They are a tasty cherry on top though. They help to provide the public validation of hard work invested. I definitely give my all, so to receive notoriety is extremely humbling. But truly, every new song written and every performance given, releases a feeling that’s indescribable. That’s what I do it for.

You were seen standing outside during a light snow shower. Care to explain that project?
Stringz: Actually, it was a heavy snowstorm lol. For the national “holiday” of 420, my team and family took a trip to Denver, Colorado. We booked a cabin in Black Hawk, CO that sat at an elevated level of 8500 square feet in the mountains. It snowed 9-12 inches that day. I shot a video to another one of my future releases and we also had a photoshoot.

Thanks for your time, and look forward to hearing more from you.

If you want to contact Stringz, hit him up on his many platforms:

Instagram: @StringzEMB
Twitter: @StringZEmb
Facebook: Stringz EMB
Spotify | Apple Music | Tidal: Stringz EMB

“Perfect” Official Music Video